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Significance of developing zinc – air battery

Zinc air battery uses zinc as the negative active material, oxygen in the air as the cathode active material. Because the oxygen in the air is readily available, it will not take up the battery space, so with the same volume, and the same weight, this new zinc-air battery can store more of the reaction of raw materials, compared with the traditional battery, it has a higher energy per kg (The theoretical specific energy of 1350Wh / kg), and a lower cost.

The zinc-air battery has the characteristics of large capacity, high specific energy, low cost, stable discharge performance, safety, zero pollution, high power and renewable materials. It has become a hotspot in the development of energy in the world today. It is a kind of power supply with great market prospect.

It uses air as the cathode active material, which greatly improves the output capacity and discharge performance of the battery, and inherited the best technology in energy battery technology, improving the existing commercialization of the battery discharge capacity, charging efficiency, discharge performance, etc. Zinc-air battery is a promising new energy, its performance and technical parameters have reached the world’s highest level, and made a useful exploration for the development and utilization of new energy. The popularization of use of “Zinc and air battery" is bound to push the new revolution of the world energy industry.

This battery has been tested on a dozen kinds of electric bicycles and scooters to obtain a good use of results, and it fulfills the basic conditions for industrialization. However, this will create a new category of industrial energy. Coordination of publicity, road management, vehicle management, public security permits, etc., with energy supply, user training, professional and technical personnel and service personnel is needed, Investors who are interested in this should carefully study on the matching conditions and the ability to mobilize resources on the basis of this technology. Nonetheless, NOx, CO, SOx, benzo-Piper and lead and other lead compounds, which can be found in vehicles’ pollutions, is a problem that need to be deal with. The problem of pollution of organometallic and metal nitrogen (oxygen, sulfur) compounds is bound to provide a rare and irreplaceable development opportunity for the energy system of zinc air energy. The air energy has become one of the inevitable choices of green energy.

The implementation of this project may only be considered if these conditions are likely to be matched. Drawing on Israel, the United States and other domestic and foreign experience, it has to be first implemented in some special areas, fulfilling the need of special customers.

In short, the zinc-air electric vehicle has the advantage of small size, light weight, easy to use, reliable and economical features compared to other types of batteries. It is a completely green energy system.






Characteristics of zinc – air battery

Zinc air electric vehicle has the advantage of small size, light weight, easy to use, reliable and economical features compared to other types of batteries. It is a completely green energy system.

(1) the use of simple, maintenance-free: zinc-air battery can be continuously discharged, and isn’t afraid of over-discharge, maintenance-free.

(2)a high energy per kg: with the same capacity, zinc air battery weights far lighter than other batteries.

(3) cheap: zinc-air battery material is zinc powder, activated carbon, alkaline electrolyte, nickel, etc., the production process is simple.

(4) green: in the use of zinc cathode air consumption of the air cathode, anode consumption of zinc, zinc oxide into the anode material after the discharge can be reduced by electrolysis into zinc. As the structure of zinc-air battery is different from that of other batteries, after the use, the anode and cathode materials are easy to be separated, so that the anode zinc can be directly added into the battery for reuse, which not only can greatly reduce the production cost, but also improve the The effective use of resources, for some inconvenience to the occasion of recycling, because there is no harmful substances in zinc air battery, even if abandoned it will not cause environmental pollution.

In short, compared with traditional energy, it has five major advantages:

(1) the large capacity;

(2) the output current, voltage smooth;

(3) the charging time is shorter and more convenient;

(4) to achieve the discharge of the automatic control, greatly improving the battery life;

(5) only the consumption of electricity, do not consume resources.