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company’s vision

 Committed to zero pollution, low-cost, low-noise clean energy development, and to promote the application of different areas, making it the world’s new energy market mainstream technology. Development of a market potential of clean energy, initially focusing on the zinc-air fuel cells. Committed to the zinc-air fuel cell of commercial

technology research, and market development and promotion.

Operational Strategy and Objectives

 Mastery of zinc – air fuel cell battery manufacturing technology. Master the “air electrode" and other key components technology.

 The development of zinc-air fuel cell’s patents on various applications. Product Development Strategy (Product Roadmap)

 Starts from the mobile phone rechargeable batteries, and then cut into the hand-held 3C products to supplement the energy market.

 The second phase includes development of smaller batteries, smaller generators and other alternative energy market.

 The third phase includes development of electric vehicle fuel cell system

 The fourth phase includes development of large-scale continuous fuel cell generator

 The fifth phase completes the fuel cell power plant

 Using a progressive method, from small power to high power, and gradually improve the product line.

Market development trend

 Island-type power demand is strong, and solar and wind and other alternative energy sources have the problem of high maintenance costs.

 Traditional lead-acid batteries in environmental pressure, is facing a comprehensive replacement.

 Lithium batteries have the risk of fire, and large-scale on the need to have complex battery management technology.

 Zinc-air fuel cell with high energy, low cost, high security and zero pollution characteristics, will be the most alternative killer products.

 Smart phones, tablet PCs, portable personal entertainment devices such as the popular 3C, portable miniature fuel cell driven by the huge demand.

 Zinc-air fuel cell has the opportunity to replace the current mobile phone rechargeable batteries and backup with a small battery. Estimated potential market size of more than 10 billion US dollars.